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Keezy. Because Reggie Watts is doing it.

I’ma be real for a minute here. Most of the time someone tells me about a new app, my eyes glaze over with fervent ennui. I only gave Keezy a look because Reggie Watts is in the promo video, but it’s actually really fun because it encourages you to get silly. It’s a free iPhone¬†sampler app where you can record and loop sounds for easy playback. You can watch the video below to see what I mean, but I’m sure you’ll come up with dozens of brilliant uses. I’ll invite people over for drinks and Keezy if anyone is down.

Wes Anderson for Prada….genius.

Totally love a brand that isn’t afraid to tap the creative genius of Wes Anderson and not feel the need to slap their branding all over. The execution of this new Prada spot won’t make me reach for my wallet but definitely changes my opinion on the famed fashion brand. All the while, it reinforces my love for all things Jason Schwartzman.

Hipster Harry Potter

Loving these minimalist Harry Potter posters by¬†Jeca Martinez, a multimedia artist and obvious Harry Potter fan from the Philippines. The overwhelming single colour background contrasted against the chosen icon reveals the crux of each book, exposing the important through the simple. On top of that, it’s interactive. If only these had been around on the book covers themselves. Now that would be magic.

Hat tip to Neha Prakash over at Mashable.

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