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The future of air travel

The future of air travel is different. No more little porthole windows, uncomfortable seats, and shitty peanuts. No, the future of air travel has panoramic views, lush couches, and champagne. Ok, maybe not the champagne. But customers of the jet business are looking towards creating more comfortable experiences, opulent ones augmented by innovative interior work. While us plebs might not be seeing this anytime soon, it just goes to show that design will change the way we live and work. Some photos below, courtesy of Dezeen.



My neighborhood guide to Los Angeles (mostly) east of the 101


Urban sprawl is like the MSG that seasons Los Angeles: it’s so bad, yet oh-so-good. What I mean is because LA is so geographically expansive, there’s an ever refreshed list of places to see, taste, and explore across all corners of neighborhoods falling within the designation of “LA County”. I live in the tiny corner of Silver Lake, but as a born and bred Angeleno who has lived in various sections of the county, I think much of what makes my hometown inspiring for locals and visitors alike are the neighborhoods east of what is typically highlighted as Los Angeles. Here is a very whittled down list of some of my favorite spots mapped out using Jauntful, viewable and downloadable as a print-out to guide you on your next LA adventure.

p.s. Looking for more of our city picks? Check out Brooklyn, PhiladelphiaSan Francisco and San Diego.

Nike is killin’ it lately and these kicks just made our wish list.

Nike continues to bring it hard. This summer, the iconic Air Max 1 gets an upgrade that includes a mesh upper kept together with their Hyperfuse technology and a hit of orange. Daaaaamn, so ready to lace up.


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