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Chipotle just became a literary powerhouse.

Chipotle just became a literary powerhouse. That or they have one hell of a creative agency. Starting today, you’ll find long-form (yes, think Medium) stories written all over Chipotle cups and bags. It’s being kicked off by author Jonathan Safran Foer, followed by scribes Judd Apatow, Sheri Fink, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Hader, Michael Lewis, Toni Morrison, Steve Pinker, George Saunders and Sarah Silverman. They’re calling it “Cultivating Thought” and I for one can’t wait to order up some chips and guacamole.

Chipotle Cups

Neighborhood guide: Philadelphia

Thanks to our homies at WeJetSet, every minute I’ve spent in the city of brotherly love has been incredible. These guys run the town with an assortment of creative ventures and community projects, so it was only natural to ask Rashid to share his favorite places to eat, drink, read and get together with friends on and off the beaten path of Philadelphia. Get the insider tips by clicking here or the image below.

Philadelphia favorites!

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Summer of Ping Pong

Maybe releasing some table tennis gear of our own has me super dialed in, but ping pong is on the up and up. Ping Pong Summer is coming out, New Belgium is making ping pong bottle labels and there are social clubs with naked tournaments. I thought you might as well benefit from me getting sucked into the YouTube vortex so enjoy this pack of ping pong clips below.

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