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Tacos, burritos and art are a few of my favorite things

The mere mention of tacos or burritos is usually enough to make me hungry, so when that’s the theme of an art exhibition, you know I’m going to be saying “fuck yeah.” Super Precious Art Gallery, which puts on pop-up openings in the Boston area is celebrating 25 taco and burrito-inspired pieces by hanging the art in a grilled cheese and burger joint (duh), and includes contributions by HM favorites, Chris Piascik and Carolyn Sewell. The show will be up for the next couple months in Allston at Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Burgers, but even if you’re nowhere nearby you can still check out the entire burrito of work and purchase prints online.




Cover up your walls and look decent

In case you missed it, Photojojo has entered the photo printing biz with its Engineer Prints. Made on industrial printers traditionally used for architectural and engineering work, these lo-fi, lightweight and b&w prints are 3ft x 4ft and easy to hang using tape or thumbtacks. What I dig about these is it would allow me to personalize the wall by my bed without fear of getting hit in the face by a heavy object in a freak accident. But if you don’t share my irrational fear, Photojojo has a bunch of other ideas on how to use these including murals, gift wrap, street art and jumbo photobooth prints.




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