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The NoPhone allows you to stay connected with the real world

Phone addiction is real and troublesome. Fortunately, there is a solution: the NoPhone. The NoPhone is a recently funded Kickstarter project that aims to bring back dinners with friends and reduce dinners with phones. NoPhones are designed for phone addicts who want to reconnect with the real world. Since the NoPhone isn’t powered by a battery, there is no need to suffer from the anxiety that comes with not knowing how long it will last.

This shatterproof, toilet-proof phone alternative costs $12 on the website. If you’re a phone addict, it’s a small price to pay for minimizing your chances of being that distracted person on the road who doesn’t hit the gas at a green traffic light right away. Incredible!


Do Tell: Joshua Idehen

Joshua Idehen, the Nigerian-born, London-bred frontman of Benin City and Hugh, is always on the hop. A R&B artist with a penchant for poetry, he juggles three music projects while spitting jazzy spoken word that extends beyond the borders of “The City”. And he still has time to play the PS3. How the hell does he find the inspiration to do it all?

I sat down with him for some good ole’ American burgers and shakes at Camden’s The Diner to find out.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Zoe Quinn of the GamerGate scandal. That’s the woman who was accused by her ex-boyfriend of cheating on who him to get good game reviews. They’ve been on her case since the game came out. The fact she’s able to keep a level-head – it’s been two months of relentless dudes all basically wanting her head on a plate – [it inspires me]. Because when you look at that, your problems feel inconsequential. Oh boohoo. I can’t write a song. Well…

What’s keeping you busy?

We’re winding down Poe Jazzy, so mostly music. I’ve got some other things, too, in terms of touring. Then there’s some other plans that I can’t talk about until I finalize. Oh, and I’ve got the LV tour.


Photo via Flickr user mattbooy.

Tell us two things you’re excited about right now.

1. This is the first time in my career that I’ve earned 100% of my income from art. Before then, I either had to go to the JobCentre or work at a bar, but it’s all art. So now I finally have time to make and finish all these albums. Get all of this stuff done.

2. The Benin City album, as we’re coming out with “One of These Days” on November 10th.

If you like the sound of Joshua’s work, check out his band Benin City on Soundcloud or his spoken word below.

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