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Our November 2014 mixtape

I used to like mixtapes. I still like them, but I used to too. Consider that right there to be a little hint of how we’re starting things off this month. Besides the return to first track standup, you’ll find tracks from Les Sins, Wampire, Cymbals Eat Guitars and more. Kick back and click for your next hour of tunes.

p.s. Not seeing a tape above? Pocket computer users head here.

PostSecret just dropped an album

We’re big fans of both PostSecret and One Hello World, so we were pumped to get an early listen of their collaboration for the PostSecret album. It takes spoken secrets from the PostSecret Live: UK and Ireland Tour and sets them against some beautifully music composed from One Hello World’s Jared Brickman. If you can make it happen, lie down, throw your headphones on and give this a proper listen.

There are tales of despair that are sure to help someone out there feel less alone, but among my favorites are why one woman really enjoys breastfeeding in the public and the time a little girl dressed up as a tree to be closer to the birds. The one about voicemails from loved ones is hauntingly beautiful too. Between the sincerity of the readers and music with a flair for the dramatic, I think you’ll dig this just as much as I do. The British accents don’t hurt either. You can preview below and support on Bandcamp.

The NoPhone allows you to stay connected with the real world

Phone addiction is real and troublesome. Fortunately, there is a solution: the NoPhone. The NoPhone is a recently funded Kickstarter project that aims to bring back dinners with friends and reduce dinners with phones. NoPhones are designed for phone addicts who want to reconnect with the real world. Since the NoPhone isn’t powered by a battery, there is no need to suffer from the anxiety that comes with not knowing how long it will last.

This shatterproof, toilet-proof phone alternative costs $12 on the website. If you’re a phone addict, it’s a small price to pay for minimizing your chances of being that distracted person on the road who doesn’t hit the gas at a green traffic light right away. Incredible!


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