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That new Sufjan is making me weep

Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell is out today. His seventh studio album, it’s a rather personal one with the title referencing his mother and stepfather. Even so, I’m powerfully drawn to it and have already cried twice (once in public) while listening to track six, Fourth of July. I don’t cry very often, so I figured it’s worth noting. I’m also enjoying digging into the lyrics and noting how some of the verses can be interpreted as either Sufjan or Carrie singing them.

Our March Mixtape

Sometimes they’ve got rap, sometimes they’ve got soul. Sometimes they’re new tracks, sometimes they’re mad old. We’re just talking about our mixtapes, but that’s also a good lead into the first track. Kick back and click for some new Wombats, Tame Impala, Sufjan and more.

HEY! Not seeing the tape above? Head here.

Let’s talk about sweaters some more

The 90s throwback section over at Shelfies is incredible. A double-dose of MJ and Macaulay Culkin? Vintage internet? This is the best thing I’ve seen since Sexy Sweaters and Beloved.



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