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Is this the future of art shows?

The typical art show experience goes something like this. You check out what’s hanging, maybe you even enjoy it, but soon enough you’re just standing in a room full of strangers staring at their iPhones and sipping on Tecate or cheap wine. That’s why this Musical Poster project from creative residency 72U is actually pretty cool. It’s a framed poster hooked up to sensors and the idea is to let people interact more fully with it than traditional art work. That I can get behind.

72U let RAC be one of the first artists to experiment with the poster and here’s what he has to say about the project. What do you think, is this the future of art shows?

Weapon of Mass Creation

The idea that the pen (or pencil) is mightier than the sword has been around for ages and it holds true even when the sword has been updated to weapons of mass destruction. I’ll raise you one with this Weapon of Mass Creation pencil by Upper Playground, for it’s the ideas, images, and words we express that are the agents of true change.


Art Before Breakfast [review]

I just finished up Art Before Breakfast from Danny Gregory. It’s real talk about making time to be creative, no matter how busy you think you are and why it can make a huge difference in your life. The book is focused on building a drawing ritual, sharing strategies on how to get started and what to draw, from your breakfast, to airport travelers and parts of your own body.


Aside from an idea bank that’s sure to hold something you’ll actually try, I enjoyed the sections on art with a capital A versus art with a lowercase a (hint: little a will set you free) and firing your inner critic (because who doesn’t need those reminders from time to time). But I suppose the most important thing is this book actually inspired me to draw.

That’s a big deal because I have always shied away from it. My skills are severely lacking, but after one mediocre session, I came away feeling alive. I’ve made it a point to keep going (just 10 minutes a day) and remind myself that when you suck at something, the learning curve is pretty exciting because you get better really quickly without pouring every ounce of energy into what you’re doing. Although it took a while for this book to win me over and break out the sketchbook, I can recommend this for anyone needing a little nudge, or as a thoughtful gift. The lessons within can be applied to much more than drawing and they should be, whether you want to improve your writing, instrumental prowess or design skills.

I don’t know man, we’ll figure it out

As someone whose parents actually did move to America, this new Aziz Ansari bit resonates with me, but I’m sure you’ll find it hilarious too. It’s a great reminder to take chances, figure it out, and worst case scenario cook food and sell it to white people. Aziz’s new comedy special drops tomorrow on Netflix and I can’t wait.

Picture Your Creative Self

Yessir. Picture Your Creative Self is back. Only this time we’re offering it in men’s and women’s, two colors and higher quality threads than ever before. And yup, a crewneck sweatshirt.

The thing is, this will only get printed if 12 people order. Unlike Steve Nash, it’s not about the money. We’d just love to put this out into the world and remind everyone that they’re more creative than they think. We appreciate any support you can give, even if it’s sharing this with your peeps. And if you want to pick one up, use code 96SSAX8J for 10% off.




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