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Brilliant Bicycles Just Wants to Ride Bikes With You

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle this spring, be sure to check out Brilliant Bicycle Co. The team there is making bicycles for casual riders that value design and is all about simplicity. In fact, they’ve found a way to cut out many of the bicycle industry’s inefficiencies to pass on cost savings and work with suppliers that treat their employees fairly. Brilliant starts taking orders on March 23rd, but if you register now, you’ll have an opportunity to get in on their first shipment in time for Memorial Day Weekend.



Focus Routines of Creatives

I’m a believer that focus is the new genius. When we block everything else out, it’s amazing how quality improves and how much we can get done in a short amount of time. Curious about what creatives use as their focus routines, I asked three people to share what they do when they really need to concentrate and get shit done. Here’s what they told me.

Anisse Gross: Writer


To focus, I shut off all social media, and I put paper next to my computer, so I can write by hand if I need to, and then type it up. I also make sure to have coffee and water nearby, so I have no excuse to get up. I sometimes put up pictures on my desk, little objects, candles, or other things to inspire me for what I’m working on. I set very concrete goals, like a page or word count and sometimes I’ll set timers.

Melody Hansen: Graphic Designer, Musician


I like to have a proper outfit while working. As a freelancer, it’s easy not to care about what I wear because I’m home a lot. But for some reason, wearing something that makes me feel good and professional helps me get into that “work mode”. And I don’t necessarily like listening to too much music when I’m working because I tend to get distracted by the composition or lyrics. But I like having a movie on, something I’ve already seen plenty of times. It’s background noise, and somehow, it helps me to focus.

Adam Lathrum: Music Producer, Engineer, Songwriter


When I’m writing a song I usually have a melody, beat, tempo, or time signature in my head. I sit down at the piano and write. Recently I was having trouble writing on the piano and switched to ukulele. Putting yourself in front unfamiliar instruments really helps spark creativity. Since I write in midi I have a lot of different instruments available for me to sample from. I tend to team up with other song writers to write lyrics and finish songs. After I finish something I don’t listen to it for a few days to get fresh ears on it.

Is this the future of art shows?

The typical art show experience goes something like this. You check out what’s hanging, maybe you even enjoy it, but soon enough you’re just standing in a room full of strangers staring at their iPhones and sipping on Tecate or cheap wine. That’s why this Musical Poster project from creative residency 72U is actually pretty cool. It’s a framed poster hooked up to sensors and the idea is to let people interact more fully with it than traditional art work. That I can get behind.

72U let RAC be one of the first artists to experiment with the poster and here’s what he has to say about the project. What do you think, is this the future of art shows?

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