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Poster Pairings: Slow Down

We’ve blogged about this print once before, but it just so happens to be the perfect match for a dreamy Mac DeMarco song. You can rush through life (that much is true), but it won’t be as enjoyable as it could have been (take my advice). This weekend, remember to take it slow and let it go. You’ll be glad you did.


Mac DeMarco – Brother

Street Art From The Coolest Teacher Ever

I’m really digging how French artist Levalet is using everyday objects to create street art in Paris. It’s the kind of stuff that gives me a quick chuckle or smile, and in a week where the internet is focused on an earthquake and riots, it’s necessary. Word is that this guy is also a teacher, making him automatically the raddest teacher I’ve heard of. See more of his work, going strong since 2012 here. [via WebUrbanist]

levalet-3 levalet-2 levalet-1

These fortified bike lights are the last you’ll ever need

It makes me feel like a lazy ass to say this, but taking your bike lights off and on can be a pain. If you don’t, they’ll likely be stolen by some young rapscallion and then there are those days where you stay out all day and forget to bring lights for the ride home. Sure, there are workarounds like lights on your helmet or bag, but these Fortified Bike Lights seem like a much better solution. A proprietary screw-system makes them theft-proof, they’re fully rechargeable and in the case that something does happen to them, they’ll be replaced free of charge. That simplifies your life now, doesn’t it?



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