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Let’s take that shit analog

When was the last time you sent some snail mail? I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a mighty fine way to spend an afternoon and these Note Cards from Folk Rebellion have the perfect amount of edge to make it more fun. Also be sure to check out the Folk Rebellion site proper, which is chock full of content that will make you want to be more analog.


Woodsist Festival 2015 Mixtape

As one of the few festivals I’ve never been to (but really wanted to attend), I’m pumped to head down to Big Sur for Woodsist Festival. This year, the folksy shindig moves from Henry Miller Memorial Library to Loma Vista Cafe and Gardens, an equally amazing place to kick it underneath the trees and let nature and music heal ALL the wounds. In anticipation, I’ve put together a mixtape featuring a couple songs from each artist. Tickets are sold out, but here’s hoping some of you out there nabbed tickets early and are joining me in playing hookey from work on Monday. See you there!

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Sleep your way to the top in these headphones

Kokoon has come up with a pretty rad idea to help us all get a better night’s sleep, whether we’re cruising at 40,000 feet in the sky or just laying in bed listening to our neighbor sing YouTube karaoke. Its headphones are designed so that you can wear them comfortably no matter where or how you sleep, plus using EEG technology, they know what stage of sleep you’re in to promote your ability to nod off and stay there. I don’t know about you, but I’m never feeling very creative when I miss out on some shuteye, so I’d be willing to give these a shot. Kokoon launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday, so move now if you want in at the introductory price.


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