Everyhere Logistics Seeks to Discover Hot Beds of Creativity

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Lost Horizon Night Market, but then again maybe not. They are secret pop-up events that first originated in New York where participants use rented box trucks to create interactive installations. The events are word of mouth and IRL stumble upon-only to discourage overcrowding and nurture the joy of surprise. This summer, these night markets, while still shrouded in some secrecy, are being anchored by a project called Everyhere Logistics that is sending 10 teams of artists to participate in markets with a cross-country mobile art tour.  The teams will meet up in the middle of the country before doing a final September event in San Francisco. The idea behind this focused group is to connect with creatives beyond coastal cities, which often go overlooked, but are doing just as amazing things. Planned installations include a place to recreate famous movie scenes, a teahouse and pole dancing, but local participants are TBA and anyone that wants to rent a U-Haul and participate is encouraged.


Everyhere Logistics has launched a modest Kickstarter to support basic costs for their artists. Feel free to donate. Feel free to not. It’s probably a good way to make sure you get your word of mouth invite though.

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