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Our July Mixtape

We’re back after a hiatus that ended six consecutive years of monthly mixtapes. This month’s mix is the stuff of tunes from your favorite barista, summer nights on Brooklyn rooftops and sweaty rock ‘n’ roll shows in San Francisco basements. Kick back and give it a listen.

Not seeing the cassette tape above? Listen here.

So what if you can’t surf in Oakland?

To borrow a lyric from the Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper theme song, Oakland Surf Club has got it goin’ on. Posted up a couple blocks from the 12th St. BART station, this lifestyle concept shop has some great threads for anyone into the surfer aesthetic and fresh design. While you may not be able to surf in Oakland, word is the shop makes a break for the ocean to run a real surf club where they help kids get out in the water. Oakland Surf Club is open Fridays from 10am – 5pm, making it the perfect stop before First Fridays.



70s SoCal Sock Vibes

I’m really digging the sock stylings going on at SOCCO. Their designs pay homage to the mid to late seventies Southern California lifestyle and it really just makes we want to travel back in time to experience it for myself. Guess I’ll just have to slip on a pair and go for a skate.




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