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She Down, YOU Down?

We’ve been hip to Bahwee’s track She Down for a while, but I just discovered the video someone put together for it using archival footage. It’s weird, features tons of dudes in white Vespa outfits, and a total babe that seems to be teaching them the Macarena. The only way I could see this improving is someone subbing in Mr. Bean for the awkward guy in glasses.

Our August mixtape

Our August mixtape ditches the baker’s dozen tradition with 14 tracks of dope rhymes, summer jams and classics (also Classixx) that have had heads bobbing back and forth for decades. Settle in, kick back and listen in.

Not seeing the tape above? You must be mobile. Listen here.

Make some Elbo Room for us

It’s been a minute since we last did an event, but we’ll be having a pop-up shop for Commune San Francisco’s event at Elbo Room on Wednesday. It’s completely FREE and we’ll be setting up shop on the 2nd floor along with other designers, bands and DJs. Come through!


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