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My thoughts and prayers are with these candles

I have a lot of friends that are into the Jesus and Mary candles (whether they’re religious or not), but I’d much prefer the prayer candles from Cleveland-based Rustbelt Cooperative. Between a Cavs championship and these candles, Cleveland is looking anything but a mistake by the lake.




Andrew W.K. Party Tips Could Save Your Life

Heartbreaking events put a major buzzkill on this past week. They are not the first, nor the last, but what I do know is we have to continue to spread love and positivity, not fear and hate. If you won’t heed my advice, take a look at Andrew W.K.’s party tips on Twitter. They are lovely injections of optimism that will make you smile. And for those with an attention span, make sure to read his advice column in the Village Voice. It’s beautiful.

I Want to Believe

Last night I caught the documentary The Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs as part of SF DocFest and highly recommend it for anyone that’s into total characters or UFOs. It follows a man who has been filming UFOs in Monterey for years and his unwavering belief in the phenomenon, but also profiles his challenges with family and his own filmmaking. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and just maybe keep your eyes on the sky more often.

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