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Take the time to reflect on 2017

Reflection is badass. It helps us process what’s going on, and is the pat-on-the-back reminder of how far we’ve come when we have doubts about our lives. For the past few years, I’ve been doing Chris Guillebeau’s annual review, and this year, I’m adding the Holstee Reflection Journal to my end-of-year routine. It’s a guided exercise covering topics like gratitude, intention, adventure, and much more. If you’re down with getting to know yourself better and growing from it – this is skrilla well spent.

Take Care/of yourself

One brand that I’ve been digging lately is Care/of outta Brooklyn. They’ve taken daily vitamins very personally, but in the absolute best way.

Hop on their site and they’ll ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. Then they recommend the supplements your body might need. Care/of, in a way, becomes your personal nutritionist and schools you on the latest research, with a healthy dose of skepticism for the cynics. It’s all written in an easy-to-digest format (pun very much intended).

Once you’ve made your picks, they send you one month’s supply of daily packs. Each day’s dose is further personalized with your name and a thoughtful fact, quote, or challenge.

I’m not sure if it’s the cheapest way to get your vitafix – although they do offer some price comparisons – but the the whole experience is more than motherfucking delightful.

Whether you’re an athlete, model, nootropic nerd, or just want to avoid the winter blues, Care/of has been thinkin’ ’bout you like Frank Ocean.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

This is just one of a million gift guides you’ll see this year. Still, we’re proud to share what we’ve had our fingers on the “shut up and take my money” button for lately. Go ahead, pick something out for you or anyone who makes things suck less.

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World – It’s time to take a journey and see what we know about our far out universe.

Adidas UltraBOOST All Terrain – This mid-cut, water-resistant sneaker not only looks dope, but it’s like walking on cushions.

Gramovox floating record player – When your records are too fly to hide inside.

Onsen Towel – Sick of your towels being musty and moist, even when they’ve been on the rack all day? Premium cotton and good design can fix that.

Ork Posters: San Diego – Way back when we first heard about Ork and the entire Holiday Matinee team lived in SD, we felt left out. Well, all is forgiven. It’s also available in the aptly named Seventy and Sunny and Balboa Blue color combos.

Bluetooth Cassette Boombox – Finally, I can relive those demo tapes from my old college punk rock days.

New York City Transit Authority: Objects – Interesting things found in and around the NYC Subway.

Cinema Lightbox – Outfit your crib with your own inspirational message or clever copywriting.

Visualize Free Pizza keytag – At last, a keychain that increases the likelihood of free pizza by 67%. Available in all your favorite toppings.

Haircuts of Hackney – A colorful fold-out book documenting the extravagant hairstyles of people living in East London.

Uno + Ichi Basketball clay pots – They got game.

PSA Press pins – Lots of dope pins in this store, but I love this MJ and Steph Curry set. Don’t sleep on MySpace Tom or the IKEA instruction man either.

Adult Award Ribbons – That’s right, celebrate real achievements!

Boss Ross Chia Pet – We don’t give presents, we give happy little gifts.

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