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♀️ Our March 2019 mixtape

Women artists often don’t the cred they deserve and societal norms still haven’t made it as easy for young girls to start bands in their garages. So for Women’s History Month, we honor the ladies that show girls that they are and always have been rockstars. Click it or crickets!

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Be better at your job in 75 minutes

I’ll admit I was skeptical of the guy, but I absolutely recommend Justin Kerr’s How to Be Awesome at Your Job course on CreativeLive.

Justin shares golden rules that apply to anyone working in an office and teaches strategies to make life easier. Personally, I found the advice about 1:1s with your manager and getting credit for your work particularly useful, but there are also sections on how to deal with difficult coworkers, building a history of trust, and making a case for your next raise/promotion.

Sound good? Give yourself a break from Netflix and invest in yourself. It’s $49 (and you should totally expense it if possible), but the value far exceeds that. For more from Justin, check out his books.

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