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Mark Bloom published a book of his design work and it is fabulous

Graphic designer Mark Bloom (aka Mash Creative) has a new book that’s worthy of being on top of the coffee table book pile. It’s called 15/115 and it’s a collection of posters, logos, and other design projects he worked on from 1998 to 2013. He kindly sent over a copy, which I flipped through briefly before stopping to get a snack (yogurt with three fruit flavors) for double enjoyment. Each project is presented beautifully. Each project is awesome. Each project fills me with design envy. Please check it out.

15/115 by Mark Bloom

Look at that fluorescent orange!

15/115 by Mark Bloom

The Really Useful London Tube Poster is a part of the Really Useful poster series. To check out the other ones, get the book!

15/115 by Mark Bloom

One of my favorite designs featured in the posters section.

15/115 by Mark Bloom

Logos for years (no really, Mark Bloom designed a lot of logos).

15/115 by Mark Bloom

The State of the Obvious is a collection of objects that (not to state the obvious) simply state the obvious.

A creative way to get started with creative stuff

The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley provides ways for creative people to get started with their work when it’s just one of those days. The book comes with all kinds of fun activities that can help you get the creative juices flowing, so if you’re often sitting at your desk like Nicolas Cage does in that one scene in Adaptation, this book might be for you. Feel free to reward yourself with a muffin after the work is done, too!

The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley

An important reminder from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joshua Kemble (quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson) has an important reminder and it’s a more eloquent version of the saying, “DO YOU.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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