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Boomf wants you to eat your #foodpics.

Ever see some #foodporn so #yum you just wish you could literally print it out and eat it? Well, #foodie, rejoice. Boomf now lets you take your #foodpics and turn them into edible grams. Sorry for all the #hashtags. I couldn’t resist.

The product is the sweet idea from the smart folks over at Mint Digital, along with James Middleton and Steve Finan. Basically, you connect your Instagram to the product then choose some photos to nom on. Superb treat as summer winds down and you hold that last BBQ in warm weather.

You can order your own digital confectionery via their website. Photo of my sample (#cats #friends) below.


Today’s breakfast

Chinese cabbage soup for breakfast? Yes please.

I spotted this foodie Instagram feed through a friend and have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s basically what happens when Japanese graphic design meets Western breakfast, a sweet serving of decorative dishes. While I’m taken with the variety Kei (the chef) serves up, I’m mostly impressed with how she arranges each and every breakfast. Just delightful.

Work up an appetite. Follow her on Instagram.

todays-breakfast todays-breakfast2 todays-breakfast3

Get your creative on.

Here’s your daily dose of inspiration thanks to the selby (i.e. Todd Selby), documenting fashion designer Audrey Louise Reynolds in and out of her house. It’s part of a new book (and his ongoing blog work) that takes a look at creatives in their environment and talks with them through their creative process. I’m particularly taken with Audrey’s curiosity in this vid, it’s refreshing to remember we can walk outside wide-eyed and eager each and every moment of the day.

Video below, Todd’s book available on Barnes and Nobles. Originally found this from the good folks at FastCo.

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