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Visual storytelling at its finest

I’ve been a big fan of VSCO for quite some time, but I just recently discovered their awesome Journal section through one of my favorite illustrators and HM homie, Marc Johns. As I slowly stumbled down the visual eye candy rabbit hole (it’s a thing), I started drooling over a magical series by Jason Travis, an Atlanta-based photog with a knack for storytelling. In Persona, Jason pairs photos of friends and strangers with their belongings in a diptych format, and I can’t. stop. scrolling. Maybe it’s my fascination with things organized neatly, my affinity for stunning photos, or my obsession with people watching, but I am HOOKED. Do yourself a favor and check out the 300+ others here.

Persona: Karla Jean Diptych

Persona: Mark Diptych

Images courtesy of Jason Travis

Totally Spoked for Circumnavigation 2013

Nothing says “I love my country” like a leisurely bike ride along the coast, which is why I’m totally fired up for the annual San Diego Circumnavigation. For the past four years, our buds at Orange & Park have organized an awesome group of folks for a lap around Emerald City, and it’s always a blast. Let’s just say an old school boombox, koozies, scenic SD views and an “I-got-too-drunk-before-the-ride” bro are all pretty much guaranteed institutions.


This year, Circumnavigation starts at 6:30p in Star Park, and it’s on July 3rd, meaning you literally have no excuse not to go. Friends of all ages are welcome, so grab the road sodas and your crew, and come pedal with us this week!


rad Circumnavigation images, courtesy of Orange and Park

Choose Your Own Outdoor Adventure with The Tree Ring

The art of venue selection is not lost on The Tree Ring. From attics and dog parks to living rooms and museums, where you listen is just as important as what you’re listening to. This weekend’s (choose your own) adventure is sure to follow suit, as the quintet takes to the Laguna Mountains for their second Hike-In Show. There will be fantastic tunes, picnics with friends old and new, beautiful San Diego scenery and plenty of good times! Did I mention it’s free to park and attend? Yep, the woods are definitely calling your name.

The Tree Ring Hike-In Show

Here’s the video from their first Hike-In Show, which will totally inspire you to pack your favorite thermos and prepare to hit the trails with fellow explorers this Saturday.

RSVP on Facebook here

Anatomy of a piñata

I was never really good at Operation, but I could definitely smack the shit out of a piñata! While it’s been a minute since I went to bat (or studied anatomy), this awesome diagram from the folks at Carmichael Collective has got me daydreaming of birthday parties and well-earned cavities. If this kind of genius looks familiar, maybe these urban plant tags ring a bell? Delicious indeed.

Piñata Anatomy

Image // Piñata Anatomy

Tunes on the Move: A Trolley Show

If there’s one thing San Diego isn’t known for, it’s our stellar metro transportation, but occasionally, MTS steps up to the plate. Such is the case with A Trolley Show, a transit tribute to Take Away Shows. Originally a guerilla project, the Rowlberto Productions team now boasts public transportation permission and Pizza Parlay support. Promoting local creativity since early 2012, “A Trolley Show demonstrates that people can create art literally anywhere, and we hope it sparks new and interesting ideas” says co-creator Andrew Rowley. Here’s my favorite from The Burning of Rome, but swing by their site for more transportation treasures from Little Hurricane, Maren Parusel and The Wombats, just to name a few. It’s safe to say that “catching a moving performance” now joins “not wearing pants” on our list of fun things to do aboard the San Diego Trolley.

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