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Better than a butterscotch sundae: Wes Anderson minimalist posters

Wes Anderson is known for his meticulous attention to detail, so these minimalist posters inspired by his film’s finer points are spot-on. Our bud David Klinker from O&P designed one for each of Anderson’s eight motion pictures, and they’re better than a butterscotch sundae. The 18×24″ prints will be typeset in Akzidenz-Grotesk Medium, silkscreened on recycled Speckletone, and produced under 100% hydropower at a Niles, Michigan paper company. Cuss yeah!

Need one for your wall? Bring them to life by backing the Swiss Anderson project on Kickstarter. It just launched today and is (not surprisingly) well on its way to the $1,500 funding goal. Get dibs on an awesome print before they cancel Latin!


Images stolen from: Swiss Anderson

Valentine’s Day cards for real relationships

Let’s get something straight: Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is for suckers. For one, showing appreciation for people you love shouldn’t be a once a year kinda thing. Then there’s the expectations. If you think paying premium prices for supermarket red roses and a shitty dining experience is the way to someone’s heart, you’re doing it wrong. And, is it just me, or does celebrating with friends turn you into a terrible drunk girl cliché, even if you’re a dude? </rant>

If material things are a must, consider the gift of honesty. Emily McDowell’s awesome greeting cards first caught my eye at Pigment, since they’re both beautiful and bold — you know, the kind that leave you laughing in the aisle and simultaneously wondering why there aren’t more cards like these. For less than the cost of a carne asada burrito (my currency of choice), you can share your true feelings with single friends, long-term lovers, and technology junkies alike. Order today to get ’em before the 14th, or send one in June, just because!



Read more about Emily in her recent Etsy feature and follow her on Instagram for behind-the-scenes magic with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Visual storytelling at its finest

I’ve been a big fan of VSCO for quite some time, but I just recently discovered their awesome Journal section through one of my favorite illustrators and HM homie, Marc Johns. As I slowly stumbled down the visual eye candy rabbit hole (it’s a thing), I started drooling over a magical series by Jason Travis, an Atlanta-based photog with a knack for storytelling. In Persona, Jason pairs photos of friends and strangers with their belongings in a diptych format, and I can’t. stop. scrolling. Maybe it’s my fascination with things organized neatly, my affinity for stunning photos, or my obsession with people watching, but I am HOOKED. Do yourself a favor and check out the 300+ others here.

Persona: Karla Jean Diptych

Persona: Mark Diptych

Images courtesy of Jason Travis

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