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Why is everyone a pussy?

Check out these paintings by Mike Monteiro. I’m not sure, but it seems like the theme is stuff we all want to say but no one does. Seriously, there are a ton of gems here.

Let me map it out

I don’t know about you, but I look at a transit map of New York City and immediately get nauseous. I mean I’m not a Boy Scout, but even if I was, I doubt I could find a goddamn thing on those maps. Which is why I am more than thrilled that next month the MTA will be implementing a newer cleaner map. A long overdue upgrade from that late 80’s bullshit.

New NYC Subway Map

Great Vintage.

Aside from having a ridiculously good looking site, the guys at Neef Louis really know their shit when it comes to good looking vintage decor. Based in Amsterdam (another reason they rule), they specialize in the gently used and well loved. So if you’ve got the euros to spare, throw some change at this vintage one-stop-shop

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