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Our January mixtape

For 2017, we thought we’d get more collaborative with our mixtapes and let one creative person worth knowing pick a song that moves them. First up is editorial, lifestyle, and portrait photographer Rob Williamson. We let Rob kick off this month’s mix with a track that’ll give you the feels for his favorite pastimes: riding his Harley-Davidson through the redwoods, headbanging at shows, and sipping whiskey next to a campfire in the Sierras. Listen in and learn more about Rob below.


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About Rob Williamson:


Rob is the guy you want taking a portrait of you looking like a complete badass so your future grandchildren know you were rad. He’s also the dude you want to be riding with on an unforgettable motorcycle journey. We say this because he totally knows what he’s doing, but also because his friends describe him as “an incredibly talented guy with a heart of gold and magnetic personality.”

After earning his BFA at Ball State, Rob moved west to follow California dreams, something many of us could never resist. He worked for years as a photo technician, studio manager, production designer, and in-house photographer, but eventually made the move to full-time freelance. His clients include Vice, Chrome Industries, and Sundance with many more to come. Check out his work over at Rob Is Tall Photography or Instagram.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday is depressing. Cyber Monday is overrated. But there’s nothing wrong with picking up a little something for the important people in your life. Our gift guide is simply a few things each of us would love to receive. With 7.4 billion people on this planet, we’re guessing there’s a few of you that might too.

Juniper Ridge Gift Pack – For the outdoorsy and olfactory inclined, Juniper Ridge is offering gift packs of body wash, soap, incense, and oils. What’s rad about this is you can pick your favorite landscape theme of coast, desert, or mountains.


Delayed Gratification – One thing we learned from the election is that we need to support quality journalism. If we don’t, we’re going to continue to see inaccurate reporting and outright lies. Delayed Gratification is a slow magazine that doesn’t race to be first — it offers context, analysis, and expert opinion so you can really understand what’s going on.


Message Board – There’s something about the throwback look of these indoor message boards that makes us swoon. Obviously you can get even more creative than this photo. Use your sense of humor to make your partner laugh or share an inspiring quote.


Monocle Travel Guides – Monocle has created choice city travel guides that go beyond tourist spots and what all your friends Instagram. Even if it’s a city we’ve lived in for a decade, we’d want them.


Cocktail Kit – An interesting selection of scents that range from complex and moody to airy and easy. They are designed to be layered so you can create your own unique scent.


Tetra Coffee Drip – Lightweight, simple, and smart — of course this coffee setup is Japanese. This is ideal for travel or a minimalist kitchen.


Runwell Turntable – This turntable from Shinola is a beauty. We’d be inclined to call it organic and artisanal if that made any sense.


The Decision Coin – Life is about to get way simpler when this coin is there to aid the decision-making process.


Mid State Trail Wool Blanket – Stay cozy, my friends.


Hawkins High Shirt – A must have for fans of Stranger Things.


The Nose Knows – From designer Jon Contino, a sticker app that adds personality to your texting.


Waterproof Chucks – There used to be the dilemma of whether to wear your Chucks or not when it was raining something fierce. Now you don’t have to make that decision.


NASA Graphics Standard Manual – We thought the future would be cooler and it turns out so did someone else. From Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn, a futuristic vision for NASA.


River Phoenix Sweatshirt – Catrina’s self proclaimed eternal crush (and maybe yours too). If someone wearing this said stand by me, we totally would.


The Field Guide to Famous Felines – How’s your pop culture knowledge for cat celebrities? This will certainly help.


Lomo Instant Wide Victoria Peak – A gorgeous upgrade to the standard Lomo Instax Wide. This screams photos of all the beautiful freaks Sundays in Dolores Park.


Our October mixtape

We’re back at it with some tracks old, some tracks new, and not going to hide the fact that we cannot have a hate-filled man in the Oval Office (seriously, please vote). Enjoy some tunes from Dornik, Beach Slang, Tycho, Chris Staples and more.


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