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This is how you do PR

One thing I dig about creative agency 72andSunny is its 72U program, a 12-week creative residency that focuses on collaboration and experimentation. Past projects have included documentaries, music videos and public murals. The latest is the Yes& IPA, a limited batch brew named after the improv concept that helps guide the company’s operating principles. The 60 individual bottles were designed so that, when placed together, they form a mural.


72U also used the project as an opportunity to thank those that have helped them in the past and I was lucky enough to receive one. What was impressive is how they handled our interaction, with a teaser email saying they wanted to send me something tasty, followed by more information on the day I was receiving the parcel. The thoughtful care package was an amazing presentation with the beer wrapped in a gorgeous blanket inside a wooden crate (all items I’ve already put to good use). Take note: this is how you build great PR relationships. If their goal was to make sure I read every single email they send me in the future, it’s mission accomplished.

p.s. The beer was goddamn delicious.

Gatorade’s tribute to Derek Jeter gives me chills.

I don’t give a fuck if you hate baseball, the Yankees or mankind itself, this tribute to #2 is champion all the way. It’s rare to find a player in any sport spend his or her entire career with one team but that’s what makes Jeter so special. That and he dated the hot girl from Friday Night Lights.

The love-fest continues with these limited edition Air Jordan x Jeter Collection. #RE2PECT

jordan x jeter 2 jordan x jeter

Chipotle just became a literary powerhouse.

Chipotle just became a literary powerhouse. That or they have one hell of a creative agency. Starting today, you’ll find long-form (yes, think Medium) stories written all over Chipotle cups and bags. It’s being kicked off by author Jonathan Safran Foer, followed by scribes Judd Apatow, Sheri Fink, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Hader, Michael Lewis, Toni Morrison, Steve Pinker, George Saunders and Sarah Silverman. They’re calling it “Cultivating Thought” and I for one can’t wait to order up some chips and guacamole.

Chipotle Cups

Wes Anderson for Prada….genius.

Totally love a brand that isn’t afraid to tap the creative genius of Wes Anderson and not feel the need to slap their branding all over. The execution of this new Prada spot won’t make me reach for my wallet but definitely changes my opinion on the famed fashion brand. All the while, it reinforces my love for all things Jason Schwartzman.

Warning! These signs want you to enjoy yourself.

The National Trust over here in England decided to freshen up their grounds by putting up placards telling visitors to – wait for it – have fun. The encouraging #NaturesPlayground campaign was designed by the clever folks over at TheCl!ck, a design agency who wanted people to enjoy the properties by integrating nature and social media. In a world oversaturated with unfriendly signs and obnoxious formalities, it’s a great reminder that things always look better through a positive lens. Few below, more on the design team’s site.

warning-signs-2 warning-signs3 warning-signs

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