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Drinking beer based on pantone color.

Beer drinkers and design geeks unite! Graphic artist, who very Prince-like goes by just the nameĀ Txaber, has invented a new system of ordering beer. Not only colorful but pretty clever to know what your beer will look like before throwing back a few.

pantone beer pantone-beer

Homemade pies in a jar. Holy hell, thank you Jam Jar Bakery

NYC’s Jam Jar Bakery has me salivating for their homemade pies in a jar. Stop reading, pull out your credit card and let the lust fest begin.


Today’s breakfast

Chinese cabbage soup for breakfast? Yes please.

I spotted this foodie Instagram feed through a friend and have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s basically what happens when Japanese graphic design meets Western breakfast, a sweet serving of decorative dishes. While I’m taken with the variety Kei (the chef) serves up, I’m mostly impressed with how she arranges each and every breakfast. Just delightful.

Work up an appetite. Follow her on Instagram.

todays-breakfast todays-breakfast2 todays-breakfast3

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