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This weekend, hug it out

Pretty funny awkward PSA here about the benefits of hugging from Andrew Garfield and Jo Hart. They went ham on a 90s low-production feel and it’s pretty cool that this was actually done for Youth Mentoring, an organization that helps at-risk youth in LA and is encouraging both donations and uploads of 20 second hugs through the end of the year. Never forget the power of humor, even for social good.

It doesn’t need more cowbell

With multiple keytars, cowbells, and all white getup reminiscent of some cult, you can bet my heart is on fire. Here’s to Gary Wright, Friday, and all things ridiculous.

I love Canada so much

Home of ice hockey, poutine, and really nice people, there’s a lot to love about Canada. But I never knew about the late Parti Rhinocéros. Watch this for a little levity this election season.

h/t: My buddy Kevin

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