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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

This is just one of a million gift guides you’ll see this year. Still, we’re proud to share what we’ve had our fingers on the “shut up and take my money” button for lately. Go ahead, pick something out for you or anyone who makes things suck less.

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World – It’s time to take a journey and see what we know about our far out universe.

Adidas UltraBOOST All Terrain – This mid-cut, water-resistant sneaker not only looks dope, but it’s like walking on cushions.

Gramovox floating record player – When your records are too fly to hide inside.

Onsen Towel – Sick of your towels being musty and moist, even when they’ve been on the rack all day? Premium cotton and good design can fix that.

Ork Posters: San Diego – Way back when we first heard about Ork and the entire Holiday Matinee team lived in SD, we felt left out. Well, all is forgiven. It’s also available in the aptly named Seventy and Sunny and Balboa Blue color combos.

Bluetooth Cassette Boombox – Finally, I can relive those demo tapes from my old college punk rock days.

New York City Transit Authority: Objects – Interesting things found in and around the NYC Subway.

Cinema Lightbox – Outfit your crib with your own inspirational message or clever copywriting.

Visualize Free Pizza keytag – At last, a keychain that increases the likelihood of free pizza by 67%. Available in all your favorite toppings.

Haircuts of Hackney – A colorful fold-out book documenting the extravagant hairstyles of people living in East London.

Uno + Ichi Basketball clay pots – They got game.

PSA Press pins – Lots of dope pins in this store, but I love this MJ and Steph Curry set. Don’t sleep on MySpace Tom or the IKEA instruction man either.

Adult Award Ribbons – That’s right, celebrate real achievements!

Boss Ross Chia Pet – We don’t give presents, we give happy little gifts.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday is depressing. Cyber Monday is overrated. But there’s nothing wrong with picking up a little something for the important people in your life. Our gift guide is simply a few things each of us would love to receive. With 7.4 billion people on this planet, we’re guessing there’s a few of you that might too.

Juniper Ridge Gift Pack – For the outdoorsy and olfactory inclined, Juniper Ridge is offering gift packs of body wash, soap, incense, and oils. What’s rad about this is you can pick your favorite landscape theme of coast, desert, or mountains.


Delayed Gratification – One thing we learned from the election is that we need to support quality journalism. If we don’t, we’re going to continue to see inaccurate reporting and outright lies. Delayed Gratification is a slow magazine that doesn’t race to be first — it offers context, analysis, and expert opinion so you can really understand what’s going on.


Message Board – There’s something about the throwback look of these indoor message boards that makes us swoon. Obviously you can get even more creative than this photo. Use your sense of humor to make your partner laugh or share an inspiring quote.


Monocle Travel Guides – Monocle has created choice city travel guides that go beyond tourist spots and what all your friends Instagram. Even if it’s a city we’ve lived in for a decade, we’d want them.


Cocktail Kit – An interesting selection of scents that range from complex and moody to airy and easy. They are designed to be layered so you can create your own unique scent.


Tetra Coffee Drip – Lightweight, simple, and smart — of course this coffee setup is Japanese. This is ideal for travel or a minimalist kitchen.


Runwell Turntable – This turntable from Shinola is a beauty. We’d be inclined to call it organic and artisanal if that made any sense.


The Decision Coin – Life is about to get way simpler when this coin is there to aid the decision-making process.


Mid State Trail Wool Blanket – Stay cozy, my friends.


Hawkins High Shirt – A must have for fans of Stranger Things.


The Nose Knows – From designer Jon Contino, a sticker app that adds personality to your texting.


Waterproof Chucks – There used to be the dilemma of whether to wear your Chucks or not when it was raining something fierce. Now you don’t have to make that decision.


NASA Graphics Standard Manual – We thought the future would be cooler and it turns out so did someone else. From Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn, a futuristic vision for NASA.


River Phoenix Sweatshirt – Catrina’s self proclaimed eternal crush (and maybe yours too). If someone wearing this said stand by me, we totally would.


The Field Guide to Famous Felines – How’s your pop culture knowledge for cat celebrities? This will certainly help.


Lomo Instant Wide Victoria Peak – A gorgeous upgrade to the standard Lomo Instax Wide. This screams photos of all the beautiful freaks Sundays in Dolores Park.


Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We don’t need much of an intro for this, because hell, you understand the concept of a gift guide. Here are a few picks from us that maybe you, your friends, and family will be into too!


Brass Himmeli sculpture – I love geometric forms and epiphytes, so it’s a case of double happiness seeing this pyramid swing set for my favorite airplant for spritzing and display.


Rob Sato notebook sketch one-of-a-kind archival prints – I was blown away recently by the stunning imaginary landscape/architecture worlds of artist Rob Sato, most recently at the Giant Robot Biennale and GR2 gallery show. Most of his work is just on the outskirts of what I can impulse buy, but these unique sketches are just $10 and capture the early ideation of a gifted artist.


Poketo Linen Slippers – There’s always someone trying to rationalize wearing shoes inside the house, but that’s like someone telling me we should eat with our hands without washing them. I noticed while visiting Japan guests are given slippers to hide their shy toes and keep feet warm. Linen will feel lightweight and look great, and hopefully provide a compromise between politeness, hygiene, and comfort.


Isle Curiosities Series Skate decks – As a kid of the 80s and 90’s these decks sort of capture everything I remember about being young, dumb, and full of…ahem…fun. These are 2014 year models, but you can still hunt them down online. I was thinking of purchased the trio as wall art and mounting them between bookshelves.


Haku Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoyu – I’ve been trying to learn more about the different varieties of soy sauces across Asia; most variations tend to be concentrated in depth and flavor, but this one is interesting because it’s so very light in color and infused with cherry blossoms. The color has a bourbon hue and I bet this would help make for a delicious soba noodle marinade.



Merge VR Goggles – There’s a ton of new VR (err 360 video) being produced, but Google Cardboard doesn’t cut it. Toss on a comfy foam headset and pop your iPhone or Android inside. Plus, it’s super funny to watch people using these for the first time.


Holstee Manifesto Mug – Encourage someone to live their life fully.


HIBR Pillow – Because a better night’s sleep is an amazing investment.


Vinyl Record Subscription – Give the gift of vinyl records and hopefully gatherings of friends that circle up around the turntable. Try Vinyl Me, PleaseVNYL, or pair vinyl with food at Turntable Kitchen.


California Sunday Magazine – It has consistently put out interesting stories you wouldn’t hear about in mainstream media. The photography is exceptional too.


LIFE CO. Paper – Some truly beautiful paper for snail mail, analog to-do lists, or a note to your lover.



Nine Lives T-Shirt – A human going through an angsty teen phase is usually not cool. A cat going through an angsty teenage phase is awesome.


Map: Exploring the World – I spotted this book at the bookstore and I can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes it’s included in the things I think about before I go to sleep at night.


Washington State University Creamery Cougar Gold Cheese – My mom’s side of the family has been exchanging cans of this cheese as Christmas gifts for more than ten years. It’s so good I just eat it in chunks like a monster instead of slicing it and eating it with crackers like a normal person.



Mollusk Fisherman Sweater – You only need one thing this winter.


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