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Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone’s doing it (makin’ a gift guide). But we’re going for a different approach. You won’t find any affiliate links or slideshow widgets that take you an hour to browse through, just some stuff we dig and people/companies worth supporting. If there’s a rad person in your life, maybe one of these gifts is right for them. Spending time with them, Face-Time or snail mail works great too.

Curated Coffee & Vinyl Pairing – Our pals at Turntable Kitchen are partnering with Sightglass Coffee on coffee + vinyl subscriptions. Set a morning routine you actually look forward to.


Monbento Bento Box – Because who doesn’t love leftovers? Clean and simple food storage that’ll last for years.


Quirky Pivot Power – Plugging in your shit, made easy.


U-Turn Orbit Turntable – A beautiful turntable for your vinyl obsession. You might just find yourself inviting friends over for record nights once you have this.


Paintings and drawings by Jaime Derringer  – Paintings and drawing from Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer. It makes us wish that plaid shirts would come in color combinations that are just as awesome as hers.


Ursa Major Traveler’s Skin Care Kit – Natural skin care that’ll keep you looking fly no matter how long that layover is (pun strangely not intended).


Makeshift – Not only a field guide to hidden creativity, but proof that beautifully designed print magazines are far from dead.


Stack Magazines – Discover a different independent magazine every month. Kiran gifted me a subscription and I look forward to it every month.


Do More Fun Stuff – Temporary tattoos never go out of style. Neither does having fun.


Just Keep Making Print – The only thing a creative can do.


Dot Grid Book: Ghostly Edition – A beautiful place for all your notes and sketches.


Minnesota North Stars Vintage Hoodie – Forget normcore, keep it old-school with this sweet hockey throwback.


Nike Roshe Run – Nike is killing it with new designs and smart technology. Kicks never looked so good.


The Indie Rock Coloring Book – An oldie, but still great for kids. Features MGMT, The Shins, Bon Iver and more.


Flic – a quarter-sized piece of rubber that’s about to completely change how we use our smartphones.


Kimber Modern Boutique Hotel Austin, Texas –  Be sure to go when it’s not SXSW and you’ll experience everything this colorful city has to offer. Kimber Modern is hands down our favorite booking and stay experience on the planet.


The Sill – Because plants make people happy.


Personalized Mixtape Pillow – As if we weren’t already obsessed with making mixtapes!


Ticket Stub Diary – Don’t just chuck ticket stubs in a shoebox. Give your favorite memories some dignity by putting them an album that will make you wax nostalgic every time.


Paper Later – A new service that takes the stuff you want to read online and print it as a newspaper. This sheer brilliance is currently available only in UK.


Cork Globe – Our obsession with globes continues.


Parcel – Gone are the days of missed packages and endless post office lines.


Cool gift idea: The mindful art subscription

Finding thoughtful, creative gifts is tough. Thankfully, our friends at Holstee made it super easy on us with The Mindful Art Subscription. For $7/month they’ll send you an inspiring piece of art in the form of a letterpress card and pre-stamped envelope. I just completed 12 months and will be sure to gift this forward. Check out the video below and pick up your subscription here.

Do you take ghosts with your coffee?

I’m already sporting the Ghostly logo over the Apple on my Macbook Air, but I might have to spring for the Ghostly Coffee Bundle because it looks so damn fine. It’s actually a collaboration between the Matthew Dear record label and Ypsilanti, Michigan-based roasters Ugly Mug, but funny enough, anything but ugly. Just hearing the city Ypsilanti was good enough to remind me of this Sufjan classic, so I’m willing to give their coffee a shot. For the full story on the collab, head here.


Please wait here until you are useful.

God damn I love Ian Stevenson. Looking back at 2012, I thought it was a good time to share some of my favorite works. Be sure to pick up a few prints in his shop. And remember, most people are idiots so “care less and do more.”

Hope your holidays are the shit.

There’s nothing better than a holiday card that cuts right to it. Simplicity and humor for the win. Happy holidays, friends!

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