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Arj Barker wants you to LYAO

You probably recognize him as Jemaine and Bret’s buddy in Flight of the Conchords. But in case you didn’t know, Arj Barker has a solid stand-up routine. The dude also happens to have released a new DVD called LYAO, and we’ve hooked it up with Warner Music Group to provide three (3) giveaway copies for our readers. It’s definitely a good laugh and what I appreciate is how he works a theme of positivity into his observational comedy. Other highlights for me are Arj commenting on texting, the condescending nature of new parents, and talking to a bottle of water. If you want to score a copy, just tell us something funny in the comments. We’ll announce the winners live a week from today when our radio show Keep It Like A Secret resumes. Today’s show has been postponed due to Dave’s last minute trip deep into the heart of the Amazon to inspire native tribes.


Green is our future

Marcus Fairs’s Green Design: Creative Sustainable Designs for the Twenty-First Century is all about intelligent planning and technology coming together to create a more sustainable world. It features enticing images and covers a variety of subject areas including architecture, transportation, lighting and housewares. What I particularly like about this book is that it doesn’t feel like someone is bearing down on you to be an environmental junkie. It educates you about some of the more creative green concepts out there. Some designs are more practical than others, but what good would it be without at least a  few funky ideas? Here are two of my favorites:

1. Teahouse on Stilts – An unusual piece of architecture by a Japanese architect that looks like a human equivalent of a bird’s nest in the trees. I’m thinking it would make for an excellent break from our wired worlds.


2. Urban Bicycle Sharing – The idea has fallen prey to crime in the past, but with online pre-registration and RFID tags now commonplace, shared bicycles are a great convenience for tourists and locals to navigate congested cities.


If this is hitting you on all the right spots, we’ve arranged for 3 giveaway copies with the publisher. Just tell us why green design excites you in the comments or on Twitter using #greenfuture. We’ll select our favorite responses as winners.

What makes your heart race? Tell and win this poster.

Meet Laura Barnard. She’s a UK illustrator with hands that draw beautiful things like city landscapes, rooftop aspirations and scribbles filled with charm. Because her work is incredibly awesome, we felt it only appropriate to do an awesome giveaway. So tell us what makes your heart race by dropping a comment below or tweet using #myheartrace and one lucky winner will win this ultra-sweet, limited-edition, hand-signed poster. We’ll announce the winner during our weekly radio show on Wednesday, Feb 3rd.


Who wants free kicks? Enter our Warrior Footwear giveaway!

Yay! A post that has to do with free stuff. Holiday Matinee teamed up with Warrior Footwear to give away three pairs of shoes to three lucky people. Tell us what your favorite pair of Warrior shoes is and answer the question below.

Question: What name would a shoe be if it were made in your honor?

To enter the giveaway, post a comment below or on Twitter using #hmwarrior. The three winners with the most creative answers will be announced on Wednesday, January 27th on Legit Radio between 11 AM and 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Classic Red/White and Classic Blue/White Warrior Footwear Shoes

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