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Our November mixtape

What a month! If it’s felt like a hot mess and you’re just wishing 2016 was over already, you’re not alone. Despite the loss of a few more music greats (RIP Leonard Cohen and Sharon Jones), let’s remember life is a gift to begin with so we’re going to keep dancing (and still fighting for what’s right). Pop in this mix and take solace that weed in now legal in a few more states!


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Our October mixtape

We’re back at it with some tracks old, some tracks new, and not going to hide the fact that we cannot have a hate-filled man in the Oval Office (seriously, please vote). Enjoy some tunes from Dornik, Beach Slang, Tycho, Chris Staples and more.


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Better Looking Records. Just because it seemed like a good idea.

Way back in 1999, we partnered up with Paul Fischer to start Better Looking Records because it seemed like a good idea. We don’t put as many records as we used to, and certainly don’t make bank from it, but we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. We’re still fond of the BLR logo, so we decided to throw up some products on Society6, again, just because it seems like a good idea. Throw on the shirt when you’re feeling ridiculously good-looking, bring the tote when you go record shopping, and lay your head on the pillow as you listen to some tunes. All 15% off and free shipping today.

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