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Our April 2017 mixtape

You may already be familiar with this month’s contributor, singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato, who we’ve been pals with far before this blog existed. Rocky kicks off this month’s mix with an artist whose album he’s had on repeat lately. Tune in and read more about what he’s been up to below.

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About Rocky Votolato

Photo: Björn Lexius

If you meet Rocky at one of his shows, you’ll immediately realize what a genuine person he is. And we don’t mean that as he’s just another nice guy. This is 99th percentile, makes you feel like the most important person in the world GENUINE. It’s why we can’t wait for his tour dates and it always feels like we pick right back up from our last conversation, even if it’s been two years.

Rocky has been consistently dropping records since 1999, but we’re especially stoked to see that he’s embarking on a summer living room tour, which happens to be our favorite way to catch a show. He’ll be playing his Suicide Medicine album, whose title track will make you feel something deep (and if it doesn’t, you might want to check your pulse). Make sure you move on those tickets, but if he’s not swinging through your city, you can still follow the tour via Instagram.

Our March 2017 mixtape

This month’s contributor is Valerie Luu, a food hustler, writer, and vagabond keeping things creative in San Francisco. We should know, Kiran met her through one of her art projects. Valerie kicks off the first song of our mix with a song that personifies her and her biz partner Katie’s restaurant — 50% Southeast Asian, 50% rock and roll. Tune in and learn more about her latest venture below.

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About Valerie Luu

Photo: Kyle Emery-Peck

To people that have had the good fortune of experiencing them, Valerie’s creative projects are legendary. And what makes them so good is her willingness to get out in the streets and talk to people, in a world when most are destined for hunchback posture from staring at their phones.

She once documented San Francisco’s 7×7 square grid by living in eight different neighborhoods over the course of one year. She also co-created a style blog called Chinatown Pretty, showcasing the unique fashions of Chinatown seniors. Now she’s working hard to give her restaurant Rice Paper Scissors permanent digs, while actively standing up for immigration and women’s rights with Social Studies, a civic group.

You can keep up with Valerie by following her Instagram, but what would mean even more is helping her bring a little Saigon to the streets of SF with a pledge on Kickstarter.

Our February 2017 mixtape

This month’s special contributor to the mixtape is our homie Rashid Zakat, a filmmaker and all-around creative that splits his time between Philly and NYC. He kicks things off with a track that perfectly complements his dedication to exploring music – French Canadian hip hop out of Montreal. Listen in and see why Rashid’s worth a follow below.

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About Rashid Zakat

He can craft films. He can shoot photos. His obsession with music means he can deejay everything from the soft opening of a new bar to a really hip wedding. Rashid will make you question the advice to focus on doing one thing really well. Because, after all, the world requires us to be good at lots of stuff.

Start by checking out Negroes of New York, his project dedicated to snapping portraits of people of color in NYC. Then sign up for the Awesome Farm Newsletter, which will keep you streets ahead of people who rely on Facebook for finding out about cool shit. But before you get lost, make sure to bookmark his Intergalactic Beat Tape, which will impress the hell out of the person who wakes up in bed next to you wondering if they made a good decision.

Stay tuned for a new film project from Rashid this spring by following him on Instagram.

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