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Our November 2014 mixtape

I used to like mixtapes. I still like them, but I used to too. Consider that right there to be a little hint of how we’re starting things off this month. Besides the return to first track standup, you’ll find tracks from Les Sins, Wampire, Cymbals Eat Guitars and more. Kick back and click for your next hour of tunes.

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Our October 2014 mixtape

After watching this moving mini-doc on Northern Soul, it only feels right to include a track on this month’s mixtape. Besides that, we’ve got indie rock, regular rock, electronic, and much more. Dig in and let us know what tracks you’re feeling.

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Our September 2014 mixtape

There’s a bunch of hip hop in this month’s mixtape (Chance, Joey B, Lakutis, Vic Mensa) because we feel like we’ve been neglecting the genre as of late. But if clever rhymes and dope beats aren’t your thing, there’s still probably something for you on here to enjoy. Have a listen and tell us your favorite track below.

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Our August 2014 Mixtape

We could be wrong, but this is probably the first time DMX and Michael Cera ended up on a mixtape together. If neither is your jam, there’s still plenty of picks from the team. Kick back and click!

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Our July 2014 Mixtape

This month’s mixtape is just like any other in that we pull tracks from all over the place. There are songs we’re tipped off to from labels, from our friends, shows we’ve recently been to, or the tunes we grew up with on the radio. You might recognize a bunch of older songs on here, but we won’t be apologizing for it. Kick back and click!

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