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July 2019 Mixtape

I don’t know about you, but I yearn for this time of year. And if I think too far ahead I already fear its wane. To stay in the moment, I lean on a good summer mix. It helps remind me that there’s a lot left to celebrate. So without further ado, throw this on. The Chats, Anderson .Paak, Yung Bae, Kiefer — it’s full of summer jams we think you’ll dig.

Photo: Kay

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June 2019 Mixtape

While major streamers bring us great stuff, there’s still a lot to dig for and discover out there. So this month we made some picks of songs you may not find and other special live performances we love. Enjoy! We hope it inspires you to get curious and do some digging of your own.

Photo: Lai Man Nung


Haruomi Hosono – Watering a Flower

We became obsessed with this simple and repetitive synth track while hearing it play at Muji. It sticks to your ears like fresh mochi on the teeth.

Kumiko Hara – Paradise

Kicks off with an ear worm intro, melts into an early 80s funk that’s perfect for swaying languorously at night while staring out at city lights.

Reuben Bell With The Casanovas – It’s Not That Easy

DJ Cut Chemist dropped this one for a brief moment and we were immediately hooked.

Syd prod by Dornik – Amazing

Not sure how this didn’t make it on to her albums. We once paired it to a Jerry Springer clip for hilarious consequences.

Astronauts etc. ft. Toro y Moi – Rocket Man (cover)

Really nice spacey homage to Sir Elton John’s classic.

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night

You’ll be wishing you were in Rotterdam in 1979.

Heatwave – Always and Forever

The fashion. The way the crowd sways. And not a phone in the air.

Eric Burdon & War – Spill The Wine

No need for Eaze. You’ll have a contact high after watching this.

May 2019 mixtape

This month we thought we’d shake things up with a mix of our favorite cover songs. Whether you prefer the originals or these newer interpretations, creativity is all about taking something that exists and playing with it. Click it or crickets!

Photo by Ar Meftah on Unsplash

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Bonus tracks found elsewhere:
Broken Bells – And I Love Her (Beatles cover)
Toro Y Moi – Human Nature (Michael Jackson cover)
Childish Gambino – I’d Die Without You (PM Dawn cover)

April 2019 mixtape

This month’s mix is heavy on HM favorites from over the years — that just so happen to have released new tunes. Grab something meaningful to work on and throw on this playlist. As always, we’re 100% curated by humans.

Photo: Simone Acquaroli

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♀️ Our March 2019 mixtape

Women artists often don’t the cred they deserve and societal norms still haven’t made it as easy for young girls to start bands in their garages. So for Women’s History Month, we honor the ladies that show girls that they are and always have been rockstars. Click it or crickets!

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