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Our September mixtape

We’re back with our September mixtape. Heavy on the funk, plus some epic trumpet and saxophone, this tape’s got new jams from Astronauts, etc., Day Wave, Yumi Zouma and more. Throw those headphones over the ears and give it a listen.

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Our August mixtape

Our August mixtape ditches the baker’s dozen tradition with 14 tracks of dope rhymes, summer jams and classics (also Classixx) that have had heads bobbing back and forth for decades. Settle in, kick back and listen in.

Not seeing the tape above? You must be mobile. Listen here.

Our July Mixtape

We’re back after a hiatus that ended six consecutive years of monthly mixtapes. This month’s mix is the stuff of tunes from your favorite barista, summer nights on Brooklyn rooftops and sweaty rock ‘n’ roll shows in San Francisco basements. Kick back and give it a listen.

Not seeing the cassette tape above? Listen here.

Our May Mixtape

Well, we sure waited until the last possible moment to post this, but this month’s jams are finally here. This mixtape is the product of campfire sing-a-longs, Big Sur road trips, new music from friends, college rock shows and of course, a little internet discovery. Kick back and click, tap or however you’re gesturing these days.

Dude, not seeing the cassette tape above? Listen here.

Sugarlump Coffee Lounge Mixtape

Sugarlump Coffee Lounge on 24th St in San Francisco is my go-to coffee spot. It’s bypassed by many in favor of Philz, but to me it’s a haven to read, relax, get some work done, or even eavesdrop on an interesting AA member conversation. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re into ecological, sustainable and green business practices. But perhaps one of the finest reasons to stop by here for your caffeine fix are the jams their baristas are bumping. With everything from punk rock to classical and new wave, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the selection and reaching into my pocket to Shazam a ditty to download later. I asked each of my friends there to select a few of their favorite songs to contribute to a mixtape that reps their wonderful cafe. Let them know what you think next time you stop by.



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p.s. Thanks to Mary, Jordan, Don, Tosh, Marisela and Ryan for contributing to this playlist. Y’all are the shit.

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