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Our May mixtape

This month’s mix is a fat (phat) one because sometimes you’re just listening to a bunch of dope tunes and can’t trim it down. Kick back and click to enjoy some new Kaytranada, Chance the Rapper, Just Jack and much more.


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Our April mixtape

We’re back with our monthly mix which features new tracks from legends like Weezer, brothers and sisters (bless those Friedbergers), and anything else we were feeling this month. Whether you’re having a sad desk lunch, nesting or just got handed down the role of DJ at a house party, turn this one up. Listening options are below.


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Our March Mixtape

We’re back with our monthly mixtape and from here on out, we’ll be serving it your way, whether that’s webSpotify or Apple Music. This month has tracks from HEARTWATCH, La Sera, Junior Boys and many more. And Jay, if you’re reading this, drop us a Tidal subscription and we’ll throw this on there too. Maybe.


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Ignore Everybody mixtape

I’m not saying to cast off the constructive criticism of people who have earned respect, but sometimes you are better off ignoring everybody and focusing on what you want to make happen. This mix is 12 tracks that encourage blocking out the haters and doing whatever you wanna. Got a song that belongs? Shout it out in the comments.

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Our February mixtape

In honor of President’s Day, we’re letting the POTUS kick off this tape with a special message. After that you’ll find plenty of jams old and new from Anderson Paak, Childbirth, Common, Day Wave, Diiv and more. Throw it on and tell us which one is your fave.

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