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Our June 2014 Mixtape

And you may find yourself sitting at your desk at work

And you may find yourself walking in the street with headphones on

And you may find yourself behind the wheel of an automobile

And you may find yourself in a beautiful city, with a beautiful girl or handsome guy

And you may ask yourself

Well…How did I get here listening to this mixtape?

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Our May 2014 mixtape

This tape marks five years of monthly mixes, although we’ve been known to drop a few special editions along the way. We’re still having fun putting these together, but all you have to do is kick back and enjoy these jams. Let us know what your favorite track is.

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Our April 2014 mixtape

Some songs on this mixtape reflect on how we’re often wishing our lives could be different instead of making things happen. Let’s enjoy some tracks from Mac Demarco, The Clash, Future Islands (and more), but then go out there and make shit happen. And oh yeah, the first four people to email us with their mailing address will get a surprise in the post (all spots taken). What are you waiting for?

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Our March 2014 Mixtape

Like Agent Dale Cooper says, the secret is too give yourself a little present every day. This month’s mixtape has jams from Metronomy, Real Estate, Yoshinora Sunahara and more. We’re not saying you can’t give yourself another present today, but we do hope it’s the best damn click you’ve had all day.

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Yo! MTV Raps Mixtape 2

Well, I scored another pack of Yo! MTV Raps trading cards off eBay so it’s time for another mix from what was inside. There were a couple repeats from the first time around, but no one here’s a one hit wonder. Ready for your late 80s/early 90s fix? Kick back and click.

p.s. YO! So you can’t see the tape above? Click here for a mobile friendly jams.

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