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Polaroid brings back a classic

Polaroid is back with a new analog camera AND film. The One Step 2 Camera, available in two colors, is rechargeable via USB and has basic features like built-in flash and a self-timer. The $99 price tag makes it affordable, but you’ll want to be choosy about what you shoot since film comes out to $2 a print. Still, it’s good to see Polaroid back in the analog game after playing around in the hybrid space for so long. Pre-order here for delivery in mid-October.

Stop being so sexy

Today I wrote Urbanears support because I lost the little plastic casing that went over my earbud. While the verdict is out on whether they’ll send me a free replacement, I had completely missed that the company started making speakers. I loved my custom color Jawbone, but after it got stolen and the company went belly up, I was hesitant about buying something without support. I had done a little research into compact Bluetooth speakers, but everything out there looked kinda ugly. Until now. I know dropping a few hundred on this speaker isn’t the best financial decision, but I can’t promise I won’t still do it. Extra points for being able to set up your favorite playlists as presets and the satisfaction that comes with twisting and turning real knobs. After all, we’re human.

It’s not just retail therapy, it’s blanket therapy

A good blanket is essential for park hangs, picnics, music festivals, and wherever else you need to rest your weary bum. And while I love my $15 find from a thrift store out in Sebastopol, these collections from Nipomo are next level. But you want know what’s even better? This operation comes from a mother-daughter team that works with skilled artisans in their native country of Mexico. Wanna make America great for the first time? Support good people running small businesses, no matter where they come from.

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