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Desert design with Lorien Stern

I’m feeling the designs of Mojave Desert-based artist Lorien Stern who makes ceramics, paintings, and more out of a shipping container on a salvage goldmine. Her shark ceramics go super fast, but I’ve also taken a liking to her panther and ghost characters which are great examples of her talent in making scary things approachable. If the inevitability of death doesn’t phase you, you can also pick out a sweet urn for yourself—that is unless you’re more of a six feet under fan.


Scope out everything in the shop and follow Lorien on Instagram.


Just found my ideal piece of bathroom art

With work for FYF, NYLON, and Thrasher under her belt, artist Robin Eisenberg is no secret. But I personally found out about her when I searched for aliens on Society6 — as one does. Below are a few of my favorite illustrations from Robin, but you should know that she has a ton of great other items in her shop, like X-Files and goth mermaid pins — if that’s the kinda thing that you’re into.

Penclic goes harder on Scandinavian design than IKEA

It’s been a while since I thought about keyboards (other than how to get better about not eating around my laptop), but my new desk setup put me on the market for one. Curious as to what was out there before going default Apple, I remembered Penclic, a company pairing classic Scandinavian design with keyboards, mice, and more.

The folks there were nice enough to send me a sample of their Mini Keyboard C2, and after a few weeks of use, I’m pleased. It’s attractive, quiet, and while I’ve never had any wrist jockey injuries, they seem to take their ergonomics seriously.

If you want to switch up your daily office accessories, give Penclic a spin. They’ve got some solid looking wireless options as well.

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