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Bow down to your new king of sweaters

Talking about Cosby sweaters is a bit conflicting these days, but fear not because Reggie Watts has been sporting even better ones and doesn’t assault people. One mega fan Alaina has gone as far as to create Reggie’s Sweaters, a celebration of Reggie’s sweaters as worn on Comedy Bang! Bang! Each Friday she’s releasing an image of Reggie in a different sweater and plans to recreate each sweater pattern as a 15″ quilt block. Eventually she’ll stitch ’em all together into a queen-sized sampler quilt, which is pretty rad.



Learn to Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned

Our buddy Amit Gupta spoke at XOXO Festival in Portland earlier this year and perhaps you were lucky enough to catch his talk live. If not, spare some time for this incredibly vulnerageous story about his career, life and surviving cancer. We’re proud of you, man!

Saving for the big moves

This is the time of year that makes me ashamed of consumer culture. But instead of sharing the Black Friday horror stories, I thought I’d mention two tools geared towards making it easier for people to save, when the average American household credit card debt is over $7,500. If you put away money regularly, you’ll have options when you want to make moves, whether that’s literal, for your career or something else. These services have been widely covered, but I figure the reminder can only help. We want to see all of you have the means to love your work and work your love.

Digit – Digit analyzes your spending habits and removes a few dollars from your checking account if you can afford it. There’s a no overdraft guarantee and you can access your savings anytime via web or text message.


Acorns – Acorn works much like a keep the change program, rounding up debit and credit card purchases to the next dollar and squirreling away those funds. You can also schedule auto-savings and allocate your savings in investment portfolios from conservative to aggressive.


Everyday Visual Joy from Wallcat

Born out of frustration with stagnant desktop backgrounds, our buddy Dustin Senos just released Wallcat, a simple + free desktop app for Mac that refreshes your screen each day. Dustin handpicks the images himself and offers three channels (Fresh Air, Structure, Gradients), but he’s been doing a fantastic job and I’ve found myself looking forward to the surprise each morning. It has also motivated me to keep my desktop uncluttered so I can fully enjoy each photo. Wallcat is taking suggestions for new future channels and looking for more photographers to work with, so if that’s you, give him a shout. Here’s to that side hustle.



Old People Are Tight

Old people are tight. Well, that’s not always true, but it’s certainly the case for Lili Hayes. I don’t know much about this woman, other than she’s fucking rad and her son is doing an excellent job curating her Instagram, but this has been the funniest thing for me lately, BY FAR. Follow Lili for stylin’ fashion, her thoughts on boys, and some seriously sweet dance moves.


This Halloween party isn’t going to know what hit it- she’s killing me!! 💎😍💎

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