July 2019 Mixtape

I don’t know about you, but I yearn for this time of year. And if I think too far ahead I already fear its wane. To stay in the moment, I lean on a good summer mix. It helps remind me that there’s a lot left to celebrate. So without further ado, throw this on. The Chats, Anderson .Paak, Yung Bae, Kiefer — it’s full of summer jams we think you’ll dig.

Photo: Kay

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Nothing new here

I’m hardly a sneakerhead, but I do appreciate the classics. These Adidas A.R. Trainers look so good, I give you full permission to ignore outdated fashion advice about wearing white after Labor Day.

Adidas AR Trainer

9 doormats that will help you make new friends

When you move to a new home, you end up needing a few new things. One of them for me was a doormat. But I didn’t want to go with something boring from IKEA or something people think is clever but isn’t (e.g. You forgot the wine). My doormat needed to stand out and give a hint of my personality. A lot of what’s out there was pretty disappointing so I turned to the Holiday Matinee crew for suggestions. Should you be in the same predicament, here’s what we were able to find!

Personalized Mixtape doormat from Uncommon Goods

No Scrubs doormat from Fox and Clover Boutique

BRB doormat from Urban Outfitters

Borderline doormat from CB2

Watermelon doormat from Target

Tasseled Moroccan doormat from Anthropologie

Hi, I’m Mat doormat from AllModern

Kinda Classy, Kinda Hood doormat from Nine to Wine Design

Sup doormat from The Doormatory

On hostility

Recently I read An Open Heart: Practising Compassion in Everyday Life by the Dalai Lama because I was interested in learning more about Buddism and its philosophies. Here’s a standout passage that really made me think.


There is a certain irrationality in responding to injustice or harm with hostility. Our hatred has no physical effect on our enemies; it does not harm them. Rather, it is we who suffer the ill consequences of such overwhelming bitterness. It eats us from within. With anger we slowly begin to lose our appetite. We cannot sleep at night and just up rolling back and forth, back and forth, all night long. It affects us profoundly, while our enemies continue along, blissfully unaware of the state we have been reduced to.

Free of hatred or anger, we can respond to actions committed against us far more effectively. If we approach things with a cool head, we see the problem more clearly and judge the best way to address it.

Just something to keep in mind anytime you have intense dislike or hatred. There is, in fact, another way.

Remember having this in your lunchbox?

Sittin’ poolside, sippin’ on some Capri Sun may have been the dream when you were 10 years old, but do we ever really grow up? Now, instead of polluting your insides with high fructose corn syrup you can just flaunt some Capri Sun on your rockin’ bod. Also available in Arizona Iced Tea and Hi-C designs.

Fun fact: Capri Sun was first introduced in 1969 and distributed in the US since 1981. It is named after the Italian island of Capri.

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