August 2019 Mixtape

Please accept this gift of music as we turn the page on another month. On this month’s mix, you’ll find tracks by Cuco, Willow, Chance, Dude York, and plenty more. Click it or crickets.

Holiday Matinee August 2019 Mixtape

Photo: Dominik Schneider

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Amped about neon

I’ve contemplated getting some neon on more than a few occasions, but Amped & Co may seal the deal. They’ve got neon for walls or desks, plus letterboards so I can do my own version of Bob’s Burger of the Day. There are all the neon designs you’d expect like a cactus, pineapple, or the cringeworthy “lit”, but here’s one I haven’t seen along with a pretty cool 3D peace sign light. Let’s support these Canadians. They’re (probably) really nice people.

I haven’t had Trejo’s Tacos, but I want the merch

You may have heard about Danny Trejo playing the hero just as well as he plays the villain. Or his burgeoning taco empire, Trejo’s Tacos. But his merch store is also totally on point. Here are a few of my favorites, but who knows, maybe you want to go with the pop socket or baby bib. I’m not here to judge.

The Mountain of Should

The first time I heard Brady Gill perform his modern fable The Mountain of Should, it really hit me hard. I was putting way to too many shoulds in my life when they’re just coulds. So if you’re feeling stuck, lost, frustrated, or like you have no idea what you’re doing, just watch this.

Positive change with your change

It’s been a while since we mentioned Good Fucking Design Advice, but I may need this handy Swear Jar to keep my potty mouth in check. I don’t actually frown upon a well-placed f-bomb, but it could be a fun way to save up some change and donate the proceeds to a good cause once it’s full. Resist the convenience of Coinstar people! That is, unless they start letting you donate to charity without fees.

Swear Jar

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