Dump and Chase

I was four when my parents first put me on ice.  I crashed into the boards and made one of the hockey moms spill her hot chocolate.  This was something I could get into. A few years later I witnessed my first professional game.   It was an original six matchup at Madison Square Garden.  Hash marks, grinders, wrap arounds, one timers and off to the sin bin. Man was I hooked.  Even now, the smell of the ice still fires me up. See, if a man has one true sport, ya know the one that distracts you when your girlfriend is talking to you, well then hockey is mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend but I also love a good cross-check, saucer pass and coast to coast for the natural hat-trick.  And right now, the playoffs beards are in full effect.  I’m pullin’ for the Caps.  Alex Ovechkin might very well be to hockey what Sopranos is to HBO.  

Knock out your two front teeth, grow a mullet and learn how to talk like a hockey player here.

ovechkin the great