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Transparency is the new Post-It

Could you imagine the board meetings and powerpoint presentations that went into this?  C-level execs screaming for product upgrades.  Well team, let me introduce you to Post-It 2.0!

The Coz!

Get this….Bill Cosby is auctioning off his classic sweaters.  It’s all for charity but more importantly, for the sake of fashion.  Ah, just in time for Father’s Day!

A war on the coffee table

Filmmakers and musicians collaborating makes for a good recipe in my book.  Case in point: Austin via Costa Mesa duo Sounders.  Watching their latest video proves you can do more with creative imagination and a greenscreen than most bands with big budgets and even bigger heads.  Seeing how much fun these guys had makes me:
1.  jealous
2.  a fan without even hearing the record
Read the play-by-play and watch the video at Fecal Face.


Sigur Ros – free download

Lots of new music on the way this summer from My Morning Jacket, Albert Hammond Jr, Styrofoam and one of the most unique bands of all, Iceland’s Sigur Ros.  To experience them live is something very special but in the meantime, enjoy yourself a free download of their new single and NSFW music video.

Holds nothing back

There’s a revolution going on in Ed Harcourt’s heart.  He penned “Something To Live For” back in 2005 and it still goes down as one of my all-time favorites.  Now, Harcourt is back with swirling pop melodies and a cheerful new single.  Download free courtesy of our friends at Filter.  

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