Mobile TV done right. No, really.

About a year ago, my buddy Dan gave me a tour of MediaFLO’s network. Qualcomm had just dumped a billion dollars to prove consumers do want to watch TV on their mobile devices. All prior attempts by Verizon, Sprint and _______ have produced less than promising results.  Let’s face it, TV on the phone just isn’t there yet.  We’re talking crappy displays, buffering issues and shoddy service.   Fun, right?  Well,  all that changed when I saw the MediaFLO demo.  We’re talking 32 frames per second (same as TV) blazing fast couch potato heaven on your phone.  I was blown away, flipping channels felt natural, service was uninterrupted and the interface was surprisingly smooth.  Now a year later and renamed FLO TV, Qualcomm’s pricey project is ready to rock.  They’ll launch May 4th exclusively on AT&T in over 45 cities nationwide.  The downside:  It requires a new device that’s not iPhone (LG and Samsung are your only options at launch) and the service will tack on an additional $15-$30.  The upside:  Conan, The Office, Top Chef, Sportscenter, The Hills and more on your phone.  Go ahead and be the first geek to shout I WANT MY M(OBILE) TV!