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Photo manipulation

Have you ever wanted a device that physically manipulates photographs by implanting messages onto the object being photographed?  Does that even make sense?  Well, Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck recently picked up an award for creating a device that does just that.  He calls it the “Image Fulgurator” and by clicking the image below you will become more perplexed .

Creative advertising in 7 clicks

Impressively showing off ones portfolio takes some finesse and product design firm Seymour Powell certainly hit the mark with “In Seven Clicks”.  I’m impressed.


Cheaper than flying

Gas prices are out of control.  Plane fares are skyrocketing.  Designer Elric Petit recommends you take shipping to a whole new level with this “ship-a-person” prototype.

You want that lamp ping or pong?

315 ping pong balls of sheer beauty.  Simple and creative.  Plus, who doesn’t love ping pong?

The Album Leaf

We’re excited to see The Album Leaf perform tomorrow night. They’re one of our favorite bands and we should know, we spent years managing and licensing their music. Here’s a short documentary we put together in release of their most recent album, “Into The Blue Again”.  And yes, that title is from the Talking Heads.


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