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William Lamson is the new American beauty

Remember how you felt the first time you saw that shopping bag flying around in American Beauty?  Well, Brooklyn-based artist William Lamson pushes those same buttons with strikingly beautiful and at times humorous photographs and moving images. Lay off the double mocha for a hot minute and enjoy the finer things in life, like blowing up balloons.

Bands like it when you call them artists

Here we discover twenty record covers recreated with Legos.  Morrissey’s “you are the Quarry” is pretty slick but “Abbey Road” takes the cake. Long live album art!


Garden Artists

UK artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey are smoking some serious grass with their organic manipulation of light sensitivity, which debuted at this year’s Wimbledon. The process: black and white negatives are projected onto the grass, twelve hours per day, for over a week as the grass grows in a dark room. Different blades get different exposure and the results are mind-blowing photographs like the ones below.

Evan Melnyk: The carbonated artist

Even Melnyk admits his favorite movies are your favorite movies. The part-time carbonated drink drinker and full-time graphic designer has morphed into an extraordinary artist. Things are looking up for the now London-based awake dreamer. Have a portfolio look here.

evan melnyk

Titty City T-Shirts

Who doesn’t want a t-shirt of a boob wearing headphones and sunglasses? Brought to you by Hamburger Eyes and designed by Manik.  Sure to be a classic.

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