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Clothing of a Lifetime

I’ve been following Lifetime Collective since their early days and I must say, each new collection continues to impress. Fall line is here and while the womens edges out the mens, there’s definitely something for the hipster in everyone. Put this brand on your shopping radar now.

lifetime collective lifetime collective

Marry Me 2.0

Super nerd proposes using Google Maps.  Street view the romance here.

TOMS new Boots

Adored by polo wives and hated by horses, TOMS debuts hot new Wrap Boot.  Comfortable? Not sure but I bet your girlfriend would like to know.

Who tall are you?

Ever want to know how you measure up to a celebrity?  Now you can.


I’m all for simplicity, or as someone smarter than me once said, “when form meets function”.  Well, the R&D folks at the New York Times have come up with a nifty little app that should make online bookmarking easier. It’s a virtual notepad called ShifD that transfers content back and fourth from the web, desktop computers and mobile devices.  Trust me on this, it’s a lot cooler than that just sounded.  I’ve been using ShifD for three months now and I feel smarter because of it.  Ok, well maybe it’s that I’m just accomplishing more.  Or maybe it’s not losing that awesome quote or favorite song that I used to write down on the back of a napkin.  What do you have to lose?

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