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This dapper fellow rules

“One of the very few constants in life is this: Old Italian men. Do not fuck with. Always more stylish than you and they can still drop you with one punch.”  From the very funny Updateable Mixtape.

Hate your job?

A very funny and brutally realistic ad campaign from Career Builder. The tag line reads, “Maybe it’s time to move on.” More visuals courtesy of Fubiz.

Philips goes square

Philips GoGear MP3 square’s will soon be available with color OLED screens. These cute hot cakes can party up your music, have USB 2.0 connectivity, voice recording and an FM tuner. Who knew?!

Camo Watch

Sick collaboration between Nooka and LTD Magazine. Limited to 144 watches in select retail outlets. [via High Snobiety]

Mobile Bench

Today and Tomorrow, one of my favorite design blogs, found this creative gem. It’s titled “mobile bench” by Rogier Martens.

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