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Random acts of awesome

Awesomeness trumps kindness 11 times out of 10. Use coupon code turkey for discount on all No Star orders of $24 and higher. Now until 11/30. 

Smug superiority

Tribes of the 21st Century by a favorite of mine, Idiosyncratic Routine. This is hilarious. Click image for urban vs indigenous shenanigans.

Play tricks with your switch

Add a little fun to your house with these cubic switchplate covers.
[Design Glut via Swiss Miss]


Herman Miller makes beautiful chairs that I can’t afford. However, their new website, “Thoughtpile” provides a unique opportunity to voice your opinion and potentially win an expensive new chair. It’s a super clean, crafty site that reinforces the popularity of micro-blogging.

Packaging makes all the difference

Nick Hornby said it best, “The making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.”¬†It’s also an indie rock dating ritual. There’s a ridiculous amount of thought that goes into it so you don’t want to screw it up with a shitty looking CD cover. Look, this is a passion project that probably took up your entire evening so make it count on all fronts. [via boing boing]

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