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Soccer ball in the face

A great mashup of soccer balls to the face. The music is classic and the slo-motion is just ridiculous. Why do we take such pleasure in other people’s pain?

I’m the motherflippin…

They’re baaaack!

Meet your meal

Few eateries are far more deserving of your appetite than The Linkery, a neighborhood restaurant in the heart of North Park. All natural, sustainable farming, fresh produce, house-made sausage, exceptional selection of craft beers and the tastiest (vegan) grilled green-beans in ginger soy sauce.  One bite and you’re not just optimistic, you’re thrilled. If you’re not eating like this, you’re not looking in the right places. And more accurately, you’re missing out.

Wejetset One-Day Sale

Modern travel store, Wejetset is having a one-day sale. Get 20% off when you use the code: STILLHAVETIME for any gadgets, guides, headphones, sunglasses or this hot, nylon, water resistant jacket.

It’s all in the Material

I’m gonna jump right in and declare San Diego’s Material as everything a neighborhood boutique should be. Super hip but not pretentious mens and womens styles, accessories, rotating art on the walls, foosball in front of the dressing rooms and even a decent selection of kicks. Dave and his wife have made shopping comfortable and that’s a concept I’m willing to throw down for.

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