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One of the best music video concepts I’ve seen in a long time.

Super impressed by this music video for singer/songwriter Oren Lavie. It’s an incredible concept and execution is flawless. The song is called “Her Morning Elegance” but without this video, well, you get where this is going.

The Flaming Lips tricked-out guitar hero double-neck axe!

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has always been a favorite of mine. A few years back, I interviewed him backstage at The Roxy and was convinced he was on drugs. Nope. He’s as straight as an arrow but as out there as Tori Spelling. And don’t think I wasn’t gonna mention good ‘ole Tori without referencing The Flaming Lips classic performance at the Peach Pit. That’s a top-five high-school highlight, yo!  Well, most recently, Wayne and band performed the NBC chime while showing off his latest concoction, a double-neck guitar with a tricked-out Guitar-Hero axe. Damn, this guy continues to push the musical boundaries and let me continue to say, I’m impressed. Watch video closeups here.

Flaming Lips

CameraBag just made you a better iPhotographer

We’re always on the hunt for new iPhone apps and CameraBag is definitely a keeper. It applies filters that emulate several different camera and film styles, giving your photos an old-school, cinematic appeal. So that shitty 2 megapixel snapshot might just be a keeper now.

camerabag photo

Stars say goodnight and good luck

The last 16 months in the lives of Stars have been busy ones. Since the release of In Our Bedroom After The War in September 2007, the band have been to Australia and Japan twice, circled North America a few times and recorded and released an EP, and thats just half the story. In two weeks Stars will be shutting down operations for awhile and will begin the process of recording a new album. As well, Amy Millan has started work on her sophmore release, and Torquil will be hard at work on a new Memphis record with Chris Dumont, as well as a solo album under the name Dead Child Star. Man, I’m tired just writing this.


If you hate your job, you will love this video.

Here’s a sneak peek at CareerBuilder’s awesomely funny SuperBowl spot.

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