The Flaming Lips tricked-out guitar hero double-neck axe!

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has always been a favorite of mine. A few years back, I interviewed him backstage at The Roxy and was convinced he was on drugs. Nope. He’s as straight as an arrow but as out there as Tori Spelling. And don’t think I wasn’t gonna mention good ‘ole Tori without referencing The Flaming Lips classic performance at the Peach Pit. That’s a top-five high-school highlight, yo!  Well, most recently, Wayne and band performed the NBC chime while showing off his latest concoction, a double-neck guitar with a tricked-out Guitar-Hero axe. Damn, this guy continues to push the musical boundaries and let me continue to say, I’m impressed. Watch video closeups here.

Flaming Lips