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We Take Your Suggestions Seriously

Anonymous Postcard is an online suggestion box where anybody can voice their suggestions, praise or criticism about someone or something. If they like your claim a creative handcrafted postcard is mailed to the appropriate person and documented on the website. Hmmmm I can think of a few things I have an issue with. [via Very Short List]


How To Make New Friends

I love Flight of the Conchords for bringing in comedian Jim Gaffigan, even if it’s just for one episode. He’s so great at creating an awkward situation.

Dwell To Be Different

Dwell Magazine has some truly inspiring design and architecture. Since we love to see people trying bold and different ideas, it was really refreshing to read about this gorgeous home that blends right into its surroundings in Queenstown, New Zealand. “We didn’t want a generic cultural interpretation like a barn or a box.” Well done.


Who needs an interior designer when there’s Etsy

I’m always looking to shake up my living room walls. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a big, bad wolf and thanks to Badass Custom Decals, this is all possible. They specialize in vinyl wall decals, stickers and sweet graphics (like Bruce Lee) for your home, toilet and more. Love it!

Badass Decal

If you don’t think this is funny then we shouldn’t be friends

OMG, this nearly put me in tears. Oh how I love The Onion!

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