Do-Tell: Christine Huang, PSFK

Christine Huang has your dream job. She’s the managing editor at PSFK, a trends company whose mission is to inform new ideas in design, social media and innovation. PSFK also consults with heavy hitters like Apple, BBC, NBC, Target…did I already mention Apple? Oh, and they also publish books that make my top ten list and host international meetups. Yes, Christine is a super-hero and we’re all jealous. Here’s what she’s excited about lately:

  1. The new Green Depot on Bowery in NYC. It’s a Home Depot for the eco-conscious consumer. I especially like the cleaning products on tap, where you can get refills of your Green Depot cleaning products from a beer tap like dispenser. Really clever! 
  2. JR’s humungous photo exhibit in Kenya. The photographer took pics of women from the slum in Kiberia and covered trains and rooftops with the enormous, blown up portraits. The photos also serve as another layer of covering for the shacks they cover.