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Drum pencils for the rock star dreamer

You know the type, the one that picks up a pair of office pencils and does an impromptu drum solo, like they’re playing to a crowd of thousands- not a water cooler and the photocopier. Pander to their fantasy with these perfectly formed drumstick pencils! Pretty self explanatory, you can keep writing and drum away to your hearts content whenever the moment takes you. [SuckUK via GadgetLab]


Hats Just Became More Fun

Arctic freeze usually means wrapping up every part of your body and that’s well….just not very fun. Thankfully Beardhead realizes this and shares our belief that facial hair, even faux-facial hair is highly amusing. Living in San Diego I still might have to snag one of these for the photo factor.


Do-Tell: Tina Glengary, Professional Experience Maker

“I live to learn and learn to live. Every day”. This is what drew me to Tina Glengary. She’s an experience maker, professional daydreamer and has a knack for telling one story at a time. Compelling? You bet. The world needs more creative storytellers and I, for sure, will be keeping an eye on this Brooklyn composer of ideas. Here’s what Tina’s diggin’ lately:

  1. I heart Dropbox! This is the future.
  2. The Nan Goldin spread for French Vogue is amazing.


Band tattoos never go out of style

Tristeza is an excellent instrumental psych-band from Tijuana and Oakland. Their music is so moving and often times cinematic. I highly recommend you checking them out and once you fall in love, you too can get their record tattooed on your arm. 

trstzacolores  rl_tristeza-acolores_lg

264 pattern illustrations in one beautiful book

Geometric is a unique pattern resource book featuring a collection of 264 colourful and monochrome pattern illustrations. It is beautifully printed on heavy matte stock, features an embossed cover that’s wrapped in an American-style poster and bound in a distinctive rhythm technique. Did I mention the book comes with a CD containing 100 pattern fonts and easy to follow tutorials? Yes, please.  [via Swiss Miss]


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