Do-Tell: Scott Hansen, ISO50

I found my way to Scott Hansen through a t-shirt. I spotted this shirt over two years ago and just had to have it. The design was so fresh, almost like a modern twist on the classic throwback. Plus, I’m a ’76 leap year baby so it was a must-have. It was at that moment I began admiring the work of artist (ISO50) and musician (Tycho) Scott Hansen. His style is the thread that runs through the forefront of emerging designers today. The blog is a must-read, the music is a must-own and the artist is a must-keep-on-your-radar for years to come. After the photo, Scott shares two Do-Tells he’s totally excited about right now.


  1. API Discrete Summing Mixer and Channel Strip Modular System. I’ve been in music mode for a while now trying to finish up a new album so I’ve been obsessing over recording gear lately. API is like the gold standard of recording (well, along with Neve and SSL, one of the big three at least) and this modular rack mount format is a lot more affordable than a $500,000 console but uses the same circuitry as the big stuff. It’s basically like buying one channel of big studio console at a time.
  2. Nice Collective Clothing.  I first found out about these guys a few years back and their stuff just keeps getting better. Unfortunately, it’s prohibitively expensive so you have to sort of dig around for sales. But it’s a local SF outfit and very well made so it’s a little more justifiable; even my oldest stuff from them still looks like new after a lot of use. I just scored a sweater zip up I’ve been eyeing for over a year now at 50% off. Nice.