Do Tell: Kasey Fleisher, Eating/SF

If food is sustenance for the stomach and music is good for the soul then Kasey Fleisher’s blog Eating/SF is the bees knees. For each dish cooked up and reviewed, you get delicious recipes paired with great music. For instance, Al Green–The Greatest Hits (1975) is the perfect pairing for this Saffron Risotto w/ Tarragon and Shrimp recipe. “You can almost hear this decadent bowl of risotto sing, Here I am, come and take me.” Eating/SF is a brilliant concept that combines my two favorite things, eating and music. Founder and resident chef Kasey dishes on her two favorite things at the moment:

  1. Foodzie: it’s like Etsy for food and all about local. LOVE the idea
  2. Yelle: French pop stars are cooler.