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Pure angst pop anthems from DANANANANAYKROYD!

DANANANANAYKROYD are ready destroy the world and I’m all for it. There’s no better time than the present to inject a heavy dose of angst-ridden, indie punk anthems into this watered down economy of swine flu american idol bullshit. The album opener “Hey Everyone” is a wall of sound that feels more like a kick to the gut. The tone is set and now you’re ready to completely let loose, dancing around your room in your underwear, beaming with smiles. There’s much to like about DANANANANAYKROYD. I can’t wait to experience this live.


Dananananaykroyd – Pink Sabbath

Your desktop wallpaper says a lot about you

Everyone knows the importance of a stylin’ wallpaper on your laptop or iPhone. Thankfully, there’s The Desktop Wallpaper Project by one of my favorite sites, Kitsune Noir. Their latest entry comes from LA designer Marco Zamora and it’s BADASS! Bike riding monsters will love it and so will design enthusiasts. Grab it now and up your scene points by at least five.


Everything is terrible

Just got tipped off to this video by our buddy Jason. Then I noticed there’s an entire website dedicated to terribly cheesy videos high in unintentional comedy. Yeah…my productivity today just took a nosedive.

The uncomplicated art of Anthony Burrill

Loving the uncomplicated art of Anthony Burrill today. Such simple designs and a style that’s easy to appreciate. I couldn’t help myself and purchased the “Work Hard & Be Nice To People” poster. What’s not to like about that?!



Come in we’re closed

‘Come In We’re Closed’ – ‘Sorry We’re Open’. Double sided shop/ studio sign made in tough plastic – just like the real thing. Designed by the awesome Anthony Burrill and available at Concrete Hermit.

sorry open

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