Hipsters crush on new iPhone!

Apple dished on their much anticipated new iPhone and operating system this morning. The new iPhone is 2x faster and decked out with video capabilities and a more solid camera. However, without a real keypad (a la Palm Pre) I’m more impressed with the free iPhone 3.0 upgrade, which will be available June 17. It’s loaded with features but this one, delivered by Wired Gadget Lab writer Brian Chen definitely led the pack.

11:35am Luke Schneider of ZipCar (urban car rental agency) is on stage. He’s demoing the Zipcar iPhone app. Scenario: Jonathan is picking up his friend, but he doesn’t have a car. He taps the Zipcar app to instantly find a Zipcar location. Then a map pops up and he can search, pan and zoom into Zipcar locations all around the city. Tapping on a location presents location information. From there on he can choose a car! Shows the price, car info, and he can set the amount of time he needs it for. Forgot where he parked? He can also hear where his car is by simply tapping a horn icon on the iPhone and an unlock icon unlocks the car. Wow.

iPhone 3GS