Do Tell: Mike Giles, Furni Creations

If Furni were a band they’d be scoring mad points on the hipster charts. Co-founder Mike Giles lives in a world of custom furnishings, good design and famous skateboarders from the 80s. His Montreal-based two-man operation have perfected the art of simple, clean and totally cool crafts. Check out their throw-back wrist watches or my personal fave, the Alba. We asked Mike for two do-tells and here’s what he threw at us:


1.  Best new find: – I don’t really check Etsy too often, but I just got my girlfriend a sweet t-shirt that says judy ‘n mike in an airbrushed heart!

2. Awesome band : Wintersleep from Halifax, Canada. Best song is “Weighty ghost” – The original is amazing but you gotta hear the cover they posted by a group of children from Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia that is freakin amazing.